Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet

Jazzkvartetten frå Nederland, som har vore i Ørsta heile 3 gongar før, kjem endeleg tilbake!

For kvar gong dei har vore i Ørsta har publikumstalet omtrent dobla seg, og det er ikkje utan grunn. Vil du oppleve ein jazzkonsert som tek pusten frå deg, for like etter å gi deg ro i sjela, så ta turen til kulturhuset denne kvelden. Yuri Honing reiser verda rundt med musikken sin, og blir hylla av både jazzentusiastar og andre musikkelskarar.

Desse er med:

Yuri Honing - tenor saxophone

Wolfert Brederode - piano

Gulli Gudmundsson - bass

Joost Lijbaart - drums


"With his highly acclaimed acoustic quartet, Holland’s best selling artist

and triple Dutch Grammy winner saxophonist and composer Yuri

Honing releases his 22nd album.

Goldbrun is about Europe and heroism.

At a time when Europe is constantly subject to discussion, Honing defends

the European history and identity in a musically binding album.

A hero in Honing’s perspective, in the end always fails to stay a hero. There

are many types of heroes; iconic ones, mythical ones and real ones.

During the recording of Goldbrun Yuri’s father – his first and last hero –

passed away. It reminded him of something: John Coltrane’s masterpiece

A Love Supreme, that for so many decades was like an unanswered

question for Yuri needed a personal reply. With Goldbrun in some ways Yuri

found his highly personal, contemporary and European answer to this


In late 19th century Wagner taught his favourite pupil Richard Strauss the

skills of German Romanticism. After W.O. II, at the end of his life Strauss

composed his famous ‘Vier Letzte Lieder’, a masterpiece of Neo-Classicism

which inspired Yuri to compose Golbrun.

Goldbrun has seven parts, ending with an ascension.

In many ways Goldbrun is a unique tribute to Romanticism.

Triple Edison (Dutch Grammy) winner and best selling artist Yuri Honing

worked in his three decades spanning career with people like Pat Metheny,

Paul Bley, Craig Taborn, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Charlie Haden and many others.

For his album Seven (2001), with Paul Bley, Gary Peacock and Paul

Motion, he won his first Edison. In 2012 Honing won the Boy Edgar Prize,

Hollands main jazz prize, as an oeuvre prize for the more than twenty

albums he made since his debut in 1992.

In 2015 his album Desire not only reached no. 1 on the sales charts, but

was also named by the general Dutch press as album of the year and

finally won Honing his second Edison. With the release of Goldbrun (2017)

he received his third Edison.

A concert with Honing and his band is always an event. Reaching a far

more broader audience than usual in Jazz, every concert moves their

listeners deeply.

Being a well known face on Dutch television the saxophonist knows how to

present the music well and to produce a memorable evening for everybody.


'With this quartet the music merges into something unmentionable

beautiful ‘

Mischa Andriessen, ***** Trouw

'This is music at the cutting edge’

Angelique van Os, ***** Jazzism

'Honing gets the public quiet of enchantment’

Gijsbert Kramer, ***** De Volkskrant

‘A dead cert for admirers of Garbarak’s and Tord Gustavsen’s music, but the

sources, vision and seriousness here are all Honing’s own.’

John Fordham, **** The Guardian

‘One of Europe’s top jazz musicians found himself musically and personally.’

Stuart Nicholson, **** Jazzwise"

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